Carney: Obama Being Detached "A Republican Meme"


REPORTER: What about this criticism of his management style? Is he too detached from some of the nuts and bolts of running the government, running an administration --

JAY CARNEY: I know that's a Republican meme.

REPORTER: -- [inaudible] catching him off guard. The healthcare website, now this.

CARNEY: I think that if you look at how the president handles a challenge like the website and handles this challenge, he responds by demanding action, demanding that Americans who are counting on benefits and services -- whether it is a functioning website or benefits through the VA -- that they are taken care of. And you saw that with the efforts that were undertaken to fix the website and you've seen that with the efforts that are already underway to investigate the problems and allegations that have arisen here with regards to the waiting times for appointments at facilities around the country. And he expects results and he holds people accountable. And when we see whether or not some of these allegations prove to be true, he will insist that misconduct, mismanagement will be met with consequences.

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