WH's McDonough: "No Question" VA Official's Departure Was "A Termination"


White House Chief of Staff Denis McDonough said the resignation of Robert Petzel, a top Veterans Administration official, was not a voluntary exit.

MAJOR GARRETT, CBS NEWS: The Secretary of Veterans Affairs announced that one of his key allies will be retiring, that's something that was already in the works. The president already named a successor. Does this really amount to accountability or is this show or suggest accountability over all the issues that have been raised about veterans' care and the Veterans Administration functionality?

DENIS MCDONOUGH: Well, Secretary Shinseki accepted Dr. Petzel's resignation this afternoon. He was due to retire early next month and obviously there has been a nomination made for his replacement. I leave to Rick the explanation of his decision, but there is no question that this is a termination of his job there before he was planning to go.

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