Krauthammer on Global Warming: We Can Take Cold Showers For The Next 100 Years And It Won't Change Anything


CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: What's important, when a politician is talking about this issue, is what can politics do about this? Otherwise, it's simply like a religious test. Do you believe in x, y, or z? What Rubio says that the laws we are passing are useless is absolutely, totally correct. Let's assume Miami is drowning. It is not drowning because of what the people of Miami are doing. It's drowning because what the people in China and India and Indonesia and rest of the world are doing.

I have said this again and again. We have reduced our carbon dioxide emission since 1996, more than any other country in the world, and, yet, world emissions have risen. Why? We don't control the other 96% of humanity. We can pass all the laws we want. We can stop all economic activity and take cold showers for the next 100 years it will not change anything if India and China are opening a new coal plant every week.

So, unless you can get and I would support this, a worldwide agreement where China, India join us and the rest of the industrializing world and industrial world in a pact, you are simply destroying the U.S. economy and shipping it abroad. That is the core political issue here. And all this -- the Democratic assumption is global warming is global but you can think locally and solve it. It is global. That's the name of the phenomenon and what we do has practically no effect.

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