Sen. Elizabeth Warren: "I Am Not Running For President"


BOB SCHIEFFER: You know two years into your term now, you have written a book, that's exactly what Barack Obama did two years into his Senate term. But you've also said about 19 times that you are not running for President. So I'm going to give you a chance to say for the 20th time -

SEN. WARREN: I am not running for President.

BOB SCHIEFFER: But if Hillary Clinton decides not to run, will you reassess?

SEN. WARREN: You know, I am not running for president, but let me say something about that book, because it's important. This is my tenth book, not my first or second. This book is about my life's work. I have written all these books about what's happening to America's middle class and I have watched as America's middle class just gets hammered one more time and one more time and one more time. I have watched as Washington tilts more and more and more toward the rich and the powerful. I wrote this book because I'm out there trying to make sure that every kid gets a fighting chance.

BOB SCHIEFFER: Are you going to endorse Hillary Clinton?

SEN. WARREN: We're not there. This is about the issues on the table right now. We've got to talk about student loans, we've got to talk about minimum wage, we have got to make changes, and we have an election coming up in 2014 where those issues are going to be right on the table. People will have voted and the voters will have a chance to look at how the senate voted.

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