Maher: "Islamophobic Is A Word Created By Fascists, And Used By Cowards, To Manipulate Morons"


BILL MAHER: They draw support from the general population. There was a Pew poll of Egypt -- which is a leading Muslim country, maybe the leading Muslim country -- and something like 80- or 90-percent believe that death is the proper punishment for leaving [Islam]. If they did a -- we had the Sister on at the beginning of the show. If 84% of Brazilians thought that death was the proper penalty for leaving Catholicism, wouldn't that be a bigger story?

ARIANNA HUFFINGTON: But the point is that you can not put all that together with the entire Islam, or all Muslims. I mean that's where it becomes dangerous. And that's where, unfortunately, a lot of conversation goes --

MAHER: Where it becomes dangerous is that liberals like yourself do not stand up for liberalism. Liberalism means, one, mostly equality for women, free speech, no death threats. You know?

BARATUNDE THURSTON: First of all, Dinesh [D'Souza] did not include me in the liberal leaders when he pointed out who was in his film, so I don't know if I count. Secondly, and more importantly, there is a robust and growing feminist Muslim movement. People who are finding interpretations of text -- whenever you go interpretation of text, you lay yourself to the people who have been doing the interpreting, and we have had that happen with men doing all kinds of interpretations for a long time. Not only for Islam and the Koran, but for the Bible and Christianity as well.

Islam is starting to have its moment. I think we have to have some faith in the people who still have that faith and also who can pull the idea of feminist equality at the same time. They are not that diametric.

MAHER: This group, Boko Haram, this group, their whole reason for coming into being was to install Sharia Law in Nigeria. In Brunei, the Sultan of Brunei just last week installed Sharia Law.

Okay. Failure to perform Friday prayers could get you whippings or amputations, because it is a religion of pieces. I know. I'm the bad guy because I'm against the people who cut your arms off for not praying. That's me, I'm the bad guy.

THURSTON: No, no, you're not the bad guy for that. You're the bad guy because you're saying it's inherent in the religion and exclusive, and you're not allowing for this opportunity and this possibility...

MATT WELCH, REASON: I don't think he's the one that's not allowing for an opportunity to respond --


DINESH D'SOUZA: What's going on here is there is a civil war in the mind of the liberal. On the one hand you have the defense --

BARATUNDE THURSTON: We're right here, dude.

D'SOUZA: I know, it's in your head.

THURSTON: Tell me about my brain some more, please.

D'SOUZA: On one hand you're a defender of individual rights and if this were the Catholic Church --

BILL MAHER: A minority.

D'SOUZA: If this were the Catholic Church, you'd be all on it. But on the other hand, you're committed to multiculturalism and Islam is a victim and we don't want to make Muslims feel bad. And so these two impulses have got to be brokered, one against the other, and that's why there is a protection of Islam. The problem isn't the Muslims; the problem is the multiculturists on campus who protect and defend them.

MAHER: Well, speaking of --

ARIANNA HUFFINGTON: That's ridiculous. This is like saying that all Muslims are guilty.

D'SOUZA: I'm not saying that.

MAHER: We're not saying that! You're hearing that, but we're not saying that.

THURSTON: What you're saying that Islam is the problem.

MAHER: Islam is the problem, correct; all religions are the problem, but especially this one.

HUFFINGTON: Dinesh said that liberals are protecting Muslims around campus. That is really an absurd statement.

D'SOUZA: No, I didn't say Muslims, I said protecting Islam.

HUFFINGTON: No, you said Muslims.

D'SOUZA: Islam has got a --

HUFFINGTON: Let's play the tape.

MAHER: You know, speaking of the campus, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, we all know Ayaan Hirsi Ali, right? A brilliant woman. She was born in Somalia, underwent gentile mutilation.

HUFFINGTON: At the age of 5.

MAHER: Which almost all woman do in that country, and many other Muslim countries.

HUFFINGTON: And a fatwa against her.

MAHER: Right. So, you know, that's not a good thing. So, she was going to speak at Brandeis, but she called Islam the new fascism, so they said she could not speak. And they said she is Islamophobic, who my friend Sam Harris reminded me today our deceased friend Christopher Hitchens said Islamophobic is a word created by fascists, and used by cowards, to manipulate morons.

Because to be phobic means to be scared of something that you're not usually scared of, like the great outdoors. But to be phobic about honor killings, about throwing acid in girls' faces, or marrying them off when they are eight-years-old. (HBO's Real Time with Bill Maher, May 9, 2014)

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