Coulter: "Democrats Are Against Rape Unless It's Committed By A Clinton Or A Kennedy"


ANN COULTER: If we're going to start a the list of things Bill Clinton should have done, this is going to be a long night, a really long segment. But, yeah, Sidney Blumenthal, as Christopher Hitchens said, was going around spreading to journalists that Monica was a stalker and a lunatic.

SEAN HANNITY: Nuts and sluts.

COULTER: It's the way they treated --

HANNITY: Gennifer Flowers, Juanita Broaddrick, another whole different issue.

COULTER: Yeah, that's a big one.

HANNITY: Kathleen Willey. I mean, all the jokes --

COULTER: And Juanita Broaddrick, by the way, is the rape.

HANNITY: That would be rape.

COULTER: As exposed --

HANNITY: He had Kathleen Willey shoved up against the wall.

COULTER: As exposed by NBC, ABC, and others.

HANNITY: But they were all attacked. And this is the side of this because the war on women, Republicans are guilty of war on women. Wait a minute, they started a war against women to a degree that we have not seen before.

COULTER: Right, right, they're against rape unless it's committed by a Clinton or a Kennedy.

HANNITY: Okay. That made news. Uh, let's go to --

COULTER: Just giving you the rules.

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