Carney: Benghazi Conspiracy Theories "Have All Fallen Apart"


JAY CARNEY: House Republicans in what is a blatantly political and partisan effort have voted to start another investigation into this matter. Presumably because the six previous investigations by Congress, by Republicans, were somehow not adequate. I think if you saw, as other have commented, Republicans are fundraising off this effort. What you have seen all along is through every investigation -- the conspiracy theories that have fueled Republican interest in this have all fallen apart.

And no documents, including the single e-mail you reference that was released last week has changed any of the facts as we know them. And this will continue to be the case. I think it's unfortunate that House Republicans continue to pursue this in a highly partisan manner. In fact, they themselves have acknowledged how political it is and how oriented towards trying to raise money and motivate their base for a mid-term election.

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