Harry Reid: Koch Brothers One Of The "Main Causes" Of Global Warming


SEN. HARRY REID: Of course Charles and David Koch know the debate on climate change has already taken place within the science community. They know that. The debate has been open and has been free. The overwhelming evidence proves that pollution is causing climate change. But, Mr. President, no one has to take my word for it, including the multizillionaire Koch Brothers, the two richest people in the world.


REID: While the Koch brothers admit to not being experts on the matter, these billionaire oil  tycoons are experts at contributing to climate change. That's what they do very well. They are one of the main causes of this. Not a cause, one f the the main causes. As announced by University of Massachusetts, Amherst -- the presiding officer knows this well, he's from the state of Massachusetts -- ranked Koch Industries as one of the nation's biggest air and water polluters, period. In one year Koch Industries released 31 million pounds of toxic air. how much is that? it's more than Dow Chemical, Exxon Mobile and General Electric combined emitted. They are the champions. The Koch Brothers' actions against the environment aren't limited, though, to toxic emissions.

Charles and David Koch are waging a war against anything that protects the environment. I know that sounds absurd, but it's true. These two billionaire oil barons are actively campaigning now, spending tons of money against anything that seeks to curb pollution, limit our dependence on fossil fuels, or lower energy costs for working families. Even the Keystone Debate! They are one of the main owners of that ugly tar stuff in Canada. They are, if not the largest, second-largest owner of that stuff up there. The Kochs are pumping millions of dollars into political organizations, fighting legislation that's good for the environment.

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