Carney: We're Not Trying To Scare Americans on Climate Change


JULIE PACE: I wanted to ask about the climate report out this morning. It paints a pretty grim picture of the impact of climate change on Americans' lives. Some Republicans have said that you're trying to employ 'scare tactics' in order to get more regulation, and more spending. Putting the politics of their comments aside, I'm wondering if that actually is part of your strategy here, to basically try to scare Americans into dealing with the consequences of climate change.

JAY CARNEY: No. The purpose of the third national climate assessment is to provide information in a form that is understandable and comprehensive for Americans across the country to use and review, so that they can better understand the effect of a changing climate of their regions of the country, and understand that the changing climate is creating impacts everywhere in the country: not just isolated areas. It's happening now.

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