Schumer on Obamacare's Impact on 2014: "I Am Not Sure It Will Be A Net Positive"


SAM STEIN, HUFF POST: Now, prior to this, health care spending had been on the decline. The question is was was that because of Obamacare or because of the sagging economy? I think we need to look ahead, the next couple months will be a big indication of whether or not health care spending is out of control.

For the Senator, I'm kind of curious along these lines. Where is Obamacare, politically, at this juncture? It tough to tell from the polls whether Democrats have gained any ground from the 8 million or so people who have enrolled. I'm curious how you feel the issue is going to play in November.

SEN. CHUCK SCHUMER (D-NY): Well, I think two things. I think it will be -- the negatives will be somewhat lower, the positives will be somewhat higher. I'm not sure it will be a net positive, but I think it will be less bad.

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