George Will Warns Republicans on Benghazi: Remember Clinton Impeachment in 1998


GEORGE WILL: I think if they're clear thinking, they won't participate. I don't see what's in it for them and it will reduce the committee to being apparently a partisan enterprise. It will given the media an excuse not to cover it and again they will have the advantage of being able to say to the public we don't need a ninth committee on this, we've had eight already and this is really not at the top of the list of American's concerns.

With that said, Trey Gowdy cannot be called a careerist in this case. He doesn't like his career. He wants to go back to Spartanburg and play golf and raise his two children. He's always said I'm a prosecutor, not a politician, which is why he is well-cast in this role. It's certainly not to energize the conservative base, it's energized already by the Affordable Care Act and other matters.

So, it seems to me he does have a legitimate institutional argument which is Congressional oversight depends on access to documents and documents are being hidden here. That said, I would remind my Republican friends of one thing, 1998. Every disaster in politics is at some point or other a disaster of disproportion and the Republicans in 1998 got the bit in their teeth, ran on impeachment of Bill Clinton and he managed to gain seats in an off-year election in his second term, really hard to do.

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