Greg Gutfeld: "This Isn't Just Benghazigate, This is Mediagate"


GREG GUTFELD: New emails suggests White House aide Ben Rhodes was involved in prepping Susan Rice for her video explanation for Benghazi. The White House had previously denied involvement. But now we see their role in the election spin regarding the attack. So the answer to who pushed the video is the committee to reelect President Obama and that committee includes the White House and the docile media.

For them, getting those Americans out was less important than getting their guy in.
See, no one really knew the video caused Benghazi, but everyone knew it would help the president if a video was to blame rather than neglect. It's why some guy went to jail, why terrorists roam free, and President Obama won. It's not Watergate, of course. To the media, this doesn't even merit a 'gate.' Christie has Bridgegate, but no 'Benghazigate.'

In fact, there's no 'IRS-gate,' there's no 'DOJ-gate,' there's no 'Fast & Furious-gate.' Obama's White House is a gated community. It's guards are the media and anyone who asks questions is mocked. Can you blame the White House for the coverup? You can, but the media won't care, because they covered up the cover-up. And now they will coverup the cover-up of the cover-up. This isn't just Benghazigate, it's Mediagate. They are so good at concealing they could put Revlon out of business.

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