Fmr. NSC Spokesman Tommy Vietor on Benghazi: "Dude, This Was Like Two Years Ago"


BRET BAIER, HOST: You're a communications expert. If you're prepping an official for a Sunday show, you're probably going to prep on the biggest question of the Sunday show.


BAIER: Which probably, maybe, would have been the U.S. ambassador and three others who died.

VIETOR: That's fair. And I was among people who prepped Susan Rice. And we talked about, you know -- the protests were front and center in Ben [Rhodes]'s e-mail because there was still concern about additional violence in the region.

BAIER: Let's go to the talking points.

VIETOR: It was and there were Friday prayers in a number of countries like Pakistan and we were extremely worried.

BAIER: The 14th is the day you're talking about.


BRET BAIER: According to the e-mails and the time line, the CIA circulates new talking points after they've removed the mention of al Qaeda and then at 6:21 the White House, you, add a line about the administration warning on September 10th of social media reports calling for demonstrations. True?

TOMMY VIETOR: I believe so.

BAIER: Did you also change attacks to demonstrations in the talking points?

VIETOR: Maybe. I don't really remember.

BAIER: You don't remember?

VIETOR: Dude, this was two years ago. We're still talking about the most mundane thing.

BAIER: Dude, it's what everybody is talking about.

VIETOR: We're talking about the process of editing talking points. That's what bureaucrats do all day long. Your producers edit scripts multiple times.

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