Santorum: Obama's "Minions" Told Me They Thought I Could Beat Him


RICK SANTORUM: Look, I thought I could have won last time. I'm convinced. You know I asked one of the Obama minions who were running the campaign 'Hey, why didn't you guys help me? I was up there battling Romney and all these folks at MSNBC were saying wouldn't this be great if Santorum were the nominee, why didn't you help me? Why didn't you go out and bang me a little a bit, hit me you know, as being too conservative?

You know, there was a survey, when I finished the campaign, two days after the campaign, I met with the campaign manager for Romney and his pollster. Neil Newhouse handed me a poll from Pennsylvania, this is all in the book, and it says we started noticing that the exit polls were always wrong with you. So we started asking this question. Who are you going to vote for and when are you planning to vote? They showed this survey from Pennsylvania that if you were going to vote -- this is three days before i got out. If you were voting before noon, I was up by five. If you vote between noon and 5:00 I was down four. If you vote after five, I was up 21.

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