Bill Maher On Sterling: "Creepy To Me We Can't Even Speak In Our Own House Anymore"


CHRIS HAYES, HOST: I'm really curious to hear your reaction to the announcement by the commissioner of the league today that Donald Sterling is banned for life after they verified the voice on the tape saying those things was, in fact, him.

BILL MAHER: Well, it is very hard to talk about this guy on MSNBC because I can't say (assh***), can I? Is that a word -- okay. So, I'll call him an ass. I think it's a great thing that all of America agrees and can gather around that fact because I have lived through a number of racial comment controversies and it wasn't always that way. So, it's their league, they can do what they want.

People still have the right to be an ass, you know? And it is creepy that you get recorded in your own home. But he's a strange kind of racist, I'll say that and I think it's really all about the girl like showing up with black men. It's still that black men are taking our women thing. That's what's at the bottom of this.

HAYES: There is a deeply creepy sub text, I agree, on the tape. That is there are so many layers of awfulness that are being captured in the interaction it's hard to tease them apart. But I'm not sure I agree with you that -- well, there is unanimity in condemnation of him, yes, although you are seeing people here and there take his side and sort of focus on the fact that he was taped, maybe he was set up, et cetera. I'm curious if you're going to see more of that as people rush to fill the vacuum of defending Sterling.

MAHER: I don't know who these people are. Maybe you read right wing blogs I don't. Of course Rush Limbaugh will always take whatever racial thing happens in America and within a nano-second find a way to say something worse. That's a given. But, you know, the creepy part is when you get taped in your own house and then that goes to the world. Again, no one here is defending Don Sterling, but that's what's creepy to me is that we can't even speak in our own house anymore. I don't know how the tape gets out there, I don't know why it's legal. But I am much more concerned about things like that than I am the NSA, which I am concerned about, too.

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