Mark Levin: "John Kerry Is An Anti-Semite"


MARK LEVIN: But what about John Kerry? Will he get his due? What do you mean, Mark? John Kerry, you know the Secretary of State. Did you know that John Kerry is an anti-Semite? Did you know that? The Democrat nominee in 2004, United States Senator from Massachusetts all those terms. A man who lied to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee in 1971, when he turned on all our brave men and women in uniform fighting in Vietnam. He gave aid and comfort to the Vietnamese, the Communist Vietnamese in the Vietcong. Oh, am I allowed to say all these things? Well, it's true.

Now he's giving aid and comfort to the terrorists in the Middle East. Let there be no mistake about it. Now he's giving aid and comfort to the Jew-haters in the Israel-haters in the Middle East and not just there! This man is a disgrace and he should resign, and he won't resign. Par for the course in this administration. Par for the course. What did he do now, you ask. You wont hear this endlessly on the radio networks, you won't see this endlessly on cable news. No you won't.

Instead, we're focused on that jackass basketball owner, instead of the jackass Secretary of State. That's right, I said it! And I don't use this word anti-Semite frivolously. If somebody happens to disagree with me, that's fine, but a pattern is evidence. And now, Kerry warns, t hat Israel risks becoming an apartheid state. Like South Africa. No Secretary of State has ever said that about our ally Israel. Ever. And what's gonna happen him? Who's gonna denounce him? More when I return. (Mark Levin Show, April 28, 2014)

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