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Limbaugh: Only Reason Sterling Is In Trouble Is He Didn't Give Enough Money to Obama

RUSH LIMBAUGH: Look, this Donald Sterling business, I have to tell you something, folks, this is not news to anybody who has known of this guy. I was telling Mr. Snerdley this morning, this guy’s a big Democrat. The only reason he’s in trouble right now is he did not give enough money to Obama. This guy was gonna get a leadership award from the NAALCP LA chapter, the second one. This guy is a typical Hollywood Democrat. He’s sort of a pretend A-lister. But who he is, his racialist tendencies, everything on these tapes, it’s been so widely known by everybody in the NBA, everybody in the sports media for 10 to 15 years, for however long he’s owned this team.

All of this shock and outrage, I’m gonna tell you something. It is as phony as you can believe. Everybody in the media, from LA to New York who’s acting shocked about this, I’m telling you, they’ve known who this guy is for the longest time. They’ve known he’s a slumlord. They know that he’s a racist. They know that he’s basically a despicable human being, and now he may be demented, in addition to whatever else he is.

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