Dem Congressman on Obamacare: "We Will Lose Seats In The House"


U.S. Representative Stephen Lynch (D-Mass.) speaks about the Affordable Care Act on Boston Herald Radio, mentioning the plan's delay, taxes, and says a repeal is impossible because of the 31 million new Americans under the plan.

"We will lose seats in the House," Rep. Lynch said. "I am fairly certain of that based on the poll numbers that are coming out from the more experienced pollsters down there. And I think we may lose the Senate. I think that’s a possibility if things continue to go the way they have been ... primarily because of health care."

"There’s all these taxes and fees that are the tough medicine, that up to now they haven’t implemented. I don’t know who’s going to do that," Lynch said. "Maybe ... they expect the next administration is going to put these penalties in place. I think that’s the time it’s going to hit the fan."

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