Jason Riley: Obama Part Of "Blame America First" Crowd


BRET BAIER, FOX NEWS: Critics, Jason, say that this administration seems like they are pulling back, that they are not engaging on a host of fronts, not just Ukraine but on a number of different fronts. If you look at Syria, if you like at other examples around the world. Fair criticism and what do you think of that?

JASON RILEY, WALL STREET JOURNAL: I think it's very fair, and I think this shouldn't really surprise anyone who has been observing this president from day one. This guy started with what people called an apology tour, telling other nations that America has been arrogant in the past. He's from the blame America first wing of the party, he believes that our job is not to solve the problems for the world. We are the problems in the eyes of people who think like Obama. So, I'm not at all surprised, and I think our enemies are noticing this too, and they are not taking this president seriously because they think he's all hat, no cattle.

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