Major Garrett to Carney: Isn't Obama's Entire Approach To Russia Not Working?


MAJOR GARRETT: Picking up on Michelle’s question, last one, you just said Russia continues to destabilize the situation, act in a provocative way, now buzzing the — a U.S. warship. Isn’t there a sense in the administration and in the European capitals with which you are collaboratively dealing with that what is going on is not working; that whatever signals you’re sending, they’re either not being heeded or misread; and this entire approach, which is to not escalate, isn’t working, and everything the Russians are doing is continuing to escalate the situation, overriding what they may see and some editorial critics have regarded as passivity by the West?

JAY CARNEY: Well, no, Major, because the premise of the question is based on the notion that all the United States ever has to do when something happens in the world that we don’t like is say, stop it, and they’ll stop. We are taking concerted action with our allies and partners that is imposing costs on Russia for what Russia has done, making clear that much more significant costs will be imposed on Russia, should they continue down this path.

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