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Ari Fleischer: Holder, Obama Getting Same Treatment Dems Gave Bush

Ari Fleischer, former press secretary for President George W. Bush, responds to Attorney General Eric Holder for saying attacks against him are racially motivated.

"Their memories are so short. They're the ones who did it to George Bush and Attorney General Al Gonzales," Fleischer told Newsmax.

"Remember back then when the Democrats were making the case that these people in the Bush administration were war criminals and needed to be arrested? Do you remember the posters they made of Al Gonzales?" he said.

"I'm sorry, for Attorney General Holder to talk in that kind of tone, that kind of language, when he and his team were the ones who did even worse to the team that proceeded them," Fleischer told Newsmax's Steve Malzberg.

"No one should have any sympathy or even understand what the attorney general is saying," he added.

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