Maher: Isn't 10 Million "Winners" Getting Insurance vs. 1 Million Losing It "Good Enough?"


BILL MAHER: Okay, so for liberals this was a good news/bad news week. Like I mentioned, it was the good news with Obamacare, liberals love that, and I think they would probably hate the Supreme Court ruling. Let's start with the good news in case the oceans die a little later in the show. We'll at least have gotten to the good part.

So, I saw that about 10 million, they say, who did not have insurance now have insurance.

ALEX WAGNER, MSNBC: Yeah, that's worth a round of applause.


MAHER: Let's call them the winners. And then they said somewhere close to a million people are the ones who feel like they were the ones that President Obama lied to when he said 'you can keep your plan,' and perhaps, they did not keep their plan. So let's say they are the losers.

So it's 10-to-1. Is that good? Isn't that good enough? Does everything have to be a win-win? Even if those million are 'losers,' isn't that 10-to-1 a pretty good deal? (HBO's Real Time, April 4, 2014)

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