George Will: Gay Rights Activists Are "Sore Winners"


GEORGE WILL: In addition to being evidence, redundant evidence, that progressives are for diversity in everything but thought, it's an illustration of a new phenomenon. No one likes sore losers, but now we have sore winners. The gay rights movement is winning, particularly with regard to same-sex marriage, with a speed and breadth that simply takes your breath away. In Oklahoma and Utah and elsewhere. Yet unsatisfied with victory, they want to stamp out and punish people for their previous views.

This is relevant to an issue that is live in this town, that is campaign finance reform. And People who want to reform our finances and increase government control over political speech and spending say, 'Well, everyone can surely be in favor of full disclosure of campaign contributions.' This case is an example of why some of us who used to be for full disclosure no longer are. The people advocating full disclosure in campaign contributions say we just want voters to be able to make an informed choice. That's not what they're doing at all. They really want to enable themselves to mount punitive campaigns and to tear people and chill political speech.

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