Paul Ryan Responds To Palin Criticism of Budget: "She Ought To Take A Look At The Details"


HASSELBECK: On the other side you have the tea party and Sarah Palin saying it wasn't enough. They say it was an April fool's joke. It doesn't get to the heart of it, not a smidge.

PAUL RYAN: I'm a big fan of Sarah Palin and she has been very supportive of my earlier budgets. This cuts more spending than any budget I've ever written. This is the biggest spending cut of every budget i've ever offered, cutting over a trillion dollars in spending. I think she ought to take a look at the details and I think she'll be pleased. If she liked what we did before, she'll clearly like what we're doing here, which is very much in keeping with our constitutional principles, limited government, economic freedom, balancing the budget, creating jobs. But more importantly, we're showing that we are a governing majority here in the House. Just imagine what we can do if we had a governing majority in the Senate. Not like the guy you just heard a second ago. Imagine what we could do if we had the White House. We're proving we can balance the budget for this country, pay off the debt, secure our military, create jobs, all of these things are important statements for us to make and put it on paper and pass it, because we're showing we're not just an opposition party, we're an alternative party.

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