Carney On Obamacare: We've Achieved Something That Has Critics "Gnashing Their Teeth"


JAY CARNEY: So look, polling aside, we're achieving something today that I know has our critics gnashing their teeth.I know it leaves them with -- you know, they need to go back to the drawing board when it comes to other means of trying to attack a law that is providing opportunity and security to millions of Americans.

Far better, I think, would be for them to acknowledge that the law is here to stay, that millions of Americans will get insurance because of it and the security that comes with health care because of it and to focus on working together in Washington towards making progress on creating even more economic opportunity for the American people. To expanding the middle class, to ensuring that if you work in this country full-time, if you take responsibility for yourself and your family, you don't live in poverty, you get at least a living wage out of the minimum wage.

These are things that we could work together on instead of, I saw some Senator say we should be having a hearing every other day on the Affordable Care Act. Well, it feels like we have. And maybe the days that there weren't hearings, they were voting to repeal it. But that seems to be an exercise in both futility and an exercise that reflects a political desire to deny from millions of Americans the benefits that they so clearly want.

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