Krauthammer: Is Obamacare Worth The Price? Is This The Way It Should Have Been Done?


CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: Look, on the issue of what would happen, what's going to happen, but assuming, again, Republicans win control of the Senate, they should be picking through the wreckage of what's left of Obamacare. For example, you cover people with preexisting conditions, young people up to 26.

You are not going to cancel the insurance of let's assume a million to 1.5 million newly insured that have signed up. And you work around that and you do good reforms which would be Republican and conservative reforms and you present that. If Obama wants a veto, well then I think he'll carry his party into 2016 in really terrible shape.

But, I mean, on these exchanges, you've got to ask yourself the price we have paid, the estimate is 1 to 1.5 million of these people were uninsured before. The whole idea was insuring the uninsured. So that's going to leave about 40 million uninsured. And for that, we have to cancel 6 million policies? And for that millions of people have lost their doctors and their hospitals and for that people in northern New Hampshire have to drive past the two best hospitals in the state all the way to the south because the two hospitals in the north aren't covered?

I mean, the price of this overturning, uprooting and revolutionizing a sixth of the economy and the ecosystem of medical care is staggering for a million and a half uninsured. Is that the way it should have been done?

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