Biden: "Everyone Is Going To Be Really Surprised" By Obamacare


RACHAEL RAY: Listen, I want to take time to talk about because today is the deadline right?

VICE PRESIDENT JOE BIDEN: That is right. Today is the deadline. I think everyone is going to be really surprised and pleased how well this has turned out. But I want to say one thing, Rachel. Anybody who is in line now, anybody who is on the web, in person being interviewed and/or on the telephone, they are able to -- even if the deadline closes -- to stay in line. They can get into the system. It is a little bit like people, when the polls close at 8 and there are people waiting, they get to vote. So I think people are going to be really, really surprised how well this has turned out.

RAY: So really the important thing is to get in line today and get yourself in that queue, right?

BIDEN: That's right. Get in the queue now. Get in the queue, there is time today.

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