Axelrod: In 20 Years, We Will Say Obamacare Was "An Extremely Good Decision"


DAVID AXELROD: This is, of course, Alex, why seven presidents tried to do this, seven presidents failed over 65 years. It is a very, very difficult thing to do because you're right, anytime something happens in the health care system -- if a premium goes up, or if someone gets denied care in any way, people say that's because of the Affordable Care Act. And, you know, f you're intimidated by that prospect, then you should never have gone down this road.

I think the reason why people, from the president to members of Congress who voted this deserve such great credit, is this isn't the easy, political thing to do. It's going to take time. I think we're going to look back in five, ten, twenty years and say that was an extraordinarily good decision. But the transitional period is fraught. And this is -- one of the things is -- one of the reasons it's fraught is because of what you raised.

I want to make one point on what Zeke [Emanuel] said about the insurance industry. I suggest that all of the black helicopter crowd, the people who are doubting the numbers and all of that stuff should talk to the insurance industry because they seem to be bearing out the numbers that the government is reporting. Maybe they'll believe private industry.

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