Sebelius: Extra Time To Enroll In Obamacare Is "Not An Extension"


REPORTER: Let me ask you about this deadline. In March, I was just watching the tape, you testified that you would not deadline this March 31st deadline, just a little bit ago. So what happened? Is this an extension? Is this a delay? Is this another problem?

KATHLEEN SEBELIUS: It's none of the above. It's actually a very logical way to make sure people get through the system. What we did in December, we're doing again. Which is to say if you're in line on March 31 at midnight, if you're trying to get through the system and the volume is higher than expected, we want to make sure you actually can complete the process and buy health insurance. Many for the first time, affordable health care is available.

So. this is not an extension of open enrollment. It is just saying like you do on election day, if you're in line to vote, we want to make sure you vote. This is people who want health insurance. They have an affordable option for the first time in their lives, for many people who have never had affordable coverage in their workplace. (Source: WJBK-TV, Detroit)

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