Krauthammer: There Are No Obamacare Deadlines Unless Obama Or Sebelius Decides The Gig Is Up


KRAUTHAMMER: Apparently statutory authority is not required under this presidency to change a statute, this is how it works. It's what the administration decides that morning how it wants the law to read, which is sort of comical. This is one of the longest laws in American history, thousands of pages, and you never hear anybody referring to section 706-b, or whatever, because what's written in the law, for all those words, none of them really matter because they get changed arbitrarily after the law is passed.

Look, this is cynicism raised to the level of comedy. They were lying when they said it wouldn't change, the deadline wouldn't change. Everyone knew they were lying. And now nobody is surprised that they're lying. And nobody really cares about it, apparently. I mean, there was one tweet in the press by someone who said, well, the only people who don't want this extension are people who don't want to see adequate numbers of enrollment.

No, there's a reason why you have a deadline on enrollment. There's a reason why it's a set period of time. Because if you have a system where you don't disqualify people who have pre-existing conditions, unless you have a fixed enrollment period, nobody will ever sign up for insurance or pay a premium when they're healthy.

They'll wait until they get a cancer diagnosis or fall down the stairs, and at the bottom of the stairs, pick up the phone and enroll for their insurance, which of course will send all the companies into bankruptcy. That's why you have to have a deadline and that's why there was a deadline, but of course, with this administration, there are no deadlines unless the president or Sebelius or somebody else decides that the gig is up.

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