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Dem Sen. Mark Udall: I Would Vote For Obamacare Again

HOST: And then there's ObamaCare. There's an ad that some group has put out that's airing on our station right now. I heard it this morning. You are accused of being a liar. Pulling over this con job as this ad says about being the fiftieth vote on ObamaCare. The deadline is coming for health care to sign up. Any regrets at all about the way this thing has played out. Would you still cast that vote?

UDALL: You know, you bring up the ads. There's going to be a lot of out state money coming in. You can't buy elections in Colorado. You have to earn them. Coloradans are smart enough to know who is telling the truth and who works on their behalf. And I got to tell you, the Koch brothers who fund these ads really don't have the interest of Coloradans in mind. To your question, we had a broken system, we had a system that allowed insurance companies to drop people with no notice and refuse coverage, so in the end we had to act. We had to fix a broken system. We now have a system that is far from perfect, but my focus is making it work for Coloradans. And that's the Colorado spirit. We can't go back to a time when if you were a woman the insurance companies could drop your coverage. Too many families went into bankruptcy because of health care costs. So in the end we did the right thing. The law is far from perfect. My focus is making it work for Colorado.

HOST: So you'd do it again?

UDALL: I would do it again, Yes, I would... I think, look, if I were there I would say here are some things that we should have done differently, here are some things that make more sense.

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