Biden: Obama Deserves "Sainthood" For Patience Shown During Obamacare Rollout


Vice President Joe Biden tells workers in the healthcare industry that he would recommend President Obama for sainthood after all the patience he showed during the controversial Obamacare rollout. Biden spoke at The National Association of Community Health Centers on Thursday morning.

VICE PRESIDENT JOE BIDEN: The first thing you do you calm them down. The first thing you do is let them know there is no reason to be embarrassed and it is complicated. How many people have you spoken to that you can tell by the look on their face that they are almost embarrassed to ask you questions. They don't want to feel stupid. And I can hear somebody saying that's right. And you know it and that is why they trust you. You dispel their fears, you put them at ease, and you walk them through the process. It is tedious. And to add to the difficulty, we didn't help you in the front end, man. My boss, my friend, Barack Obama is an incredibly patient man. I suggested after going through the first couple of weeks I would nominate him for sainthood as he kept his patience. But you know, it got off to a slow start. The president was as frustrated as anyone you ever knew, but it is basically fixed.

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