CNN's John King: Rand Paul "The One Republican" Trying To Reach Out To Minorities


JOHN KING, CNN: Let's move on to another politician, I would say the most fascinating politician in America today based on what he's trying to do. Rand Paul, the freshman Senator from Kentucky, a tea party guy, a libertarian like his dad, out at Berkeley, known as a liberal bastion, talking last night to young people. Trying to tell them, 'Look, the government spies on you. Surveillance is bad. You should listen to me.' But he's also talking about changing the Republican brand.


KING: Now, he's been in a bit of a spat with Ted Cruz on a number of issues. But Ted Cruz now says he thinks Rand Paul is trying to move away from anti-abortion views, move away from conservative positions on social issues. You know, in the addition and subtraction of politics, he's trying to reach out to young people.

He talks a lot about trying to reach out to minorities, saying, look at drug laws and sentencing guidelines. Can he keep this together or does it combust at some point?


KING: He's the one Republican right now who’s playing outside the box. He understands the demographic problem they have, maybe not in the primaries, but to win a presidential election. It's pretty hard to see the Republicans winning a presidential election if they don't do a little better among African-Americans, somewhat better among Latinos, among college students, among college-educated women.

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