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Nia-Malika Henderson: Democrats "Pressing Panic Button" In 2014 Cycle

JOHN KING, CNN: So no one is talking about the House anymore. We talked a little bit about this yesterday. Everyone is starting to think this map is expanding for Republicans when it comes to the Senate. One Democratic lawmaker quoted in the "New York Times" this morning saying the president is poisonous to the party's candidates." This is a snowball rolling down the hill now?

NIA-MALIKA HENDERSON, WASHINGTON POST: It feels like it, yes. I mean, and I remember back in 2010 Robert Gibbs said a similar thing about the House was wrapped on the knuckles by Nancy Pelosi at the time -- I think they are pressing the panic button over and over again because it just looks like the GOP has been more disciplined this cycle. They've expanded the map. Democrats just haven't been able to do it --

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