Krauthammer: Obama's "Preposterous" Sanctions On Russia "A Humiliating Response"


CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: He is being ridiculed, by Russians especially, because the statement and the policy are ridiculous. He doesn't have a lot of cards, but he has some cards. And if he thinks that sanctioning seven Russians of a population of about 150 million is a sanction, he's living in a different world.

The one thing that we could do is to respond to the Ukrainian request when the president was here last week. They asked the Pentagon for weapons and we said no because somehow to arm the victim of aggression is a provocation. So we said no, we're going to offer them MREs, offer them rations. Well, that's going to hold off Russian tanks, I'm sure.

And this response of, you know, we are now going to calibrate as if Putin -- they're going to sanction 11 Russians now, so I'll have to stop where I am is really preposterous. Again, if you are going to do something, do it, otherwise, say nothing. But this really is a humiliating response by a president who can't even get the Europeans to join him in effective sanctions, which we could do.

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