Pfeiffer: Obamacare Not A Factor In FL-13 Election


DAVID GREGORY: But you're talking about framing this as a choice that, frankly, is an argument that Democrats have been making for 20 years in terms of jobs and the economy. Republicans are very unified around one thing: Obamacare's bad. And a lot of voters seem to agree with that. How much does Obamacare hurt Democrats?

DAN PFEIFFER: Well, David, that's not true. The Republican position on Obamacare of repeal at all costs is opposed by a majority of Americans. It was not a factor in the Florida '13 election. But don't take my word for it. Geoff Garin, who was the pollster in that race, who's the partner of NBC's own Peter Hart, said it was a negligible effect. Karl Rove, someone I don't agree with often--

GREGORY: Geoff Garin-- just since you brought him up, Geoff Garin also told us, because we've looked at his comments, "There's no question that Obamacare is a huge motivator for Republicans. And turning out the vote, which they did very effectively in Florida '13, much more so than Democrats, could become a national trend."

PFEIFFER: Well, we absolutely have to do-- Democrats do a better job of turning out in midterm elections. We're very good at presidential years, and less good at midterms. And if more Democrats don't turn out, we will not do well. That’s incumbent on all of us, the president included, to get as many people to the polls in November as possible.

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