Mark Levin: D.C. Establishment Tried To Sabotage Jolly In FL-13


MARK LEVIN: Last Friday, the National Republican Congressional Committee and the Speaker’s office and the Republican establishment thought Jolly was going to lose. So they go to their favorite source, the liberal website Politico, and they trash this guy. And they dump all over this guy. And I read from it. And they point out that they had three other Republicans but they couldn’t convince them to run, they were stuck with Jolly. Jolly came out of this January primary, he didn’t have any money and he didn’t hire the right finance director. And they’re laying this out, I mean a few days before this Tuesday’s election, they’re going on and on about how his staff was incompetent…

NEIL CAVUTO: We should explain there was an explanation of all that, he was trailing in almost all the polls, so it looked like he was going to go down in defeat.

LEVIN: They obviously had internals looking like he was going to lose, they had a libertarian running, he was running against a well-known formidable opponent, and they said he wouldn’t listen to their professional advice, he didn’t hire the right staff, his campaign was unfocused, and get a load of this, he was an ingrate because when he was asked twice whether he would support Boehner for Speaker, should he be elected, he was non-committal. So they just spent four printed pages in Politico trashing the hell out of this guy. They even called it a “Keystone Cops” operation.

CAVUTO: Didn’t he later recant on that? Maybe to win the party’s money or favors, say that he would.

LEVIN: He sent out a little tweet that said he would, but that’s not my point what he did, the point is what they did to him. They expected him to lose, so they had their whole positioning ready to go, that this was just another Todd Akin, a conservative kook, he didn’t handle it right. And it turns out he won. And you know why he won? I have callers on my show from his area, conservative groups turned out hugely the vote at the grassroots level. The fellow wins, Obamacare was the key issue. You know what the second issue was? Amnesty. Which they also all talk about because they want to push that.

CAVUTO: Well, his opponent, if memory serves, had gotten herself in a pickle by saying what would happen to all of our pool cleaners, and all the rest-- so, she might have buried herself there. It was not all hunky-dory before, but it is now. So what do you make of that, they welcomed him into the fold and Speaker Boehner swore him in, and all is right with the Republican world?

LEVIN: Of course Boehner swore him in. Boehner swears in everybody. I hope Mr. Jolly understands who his friends are, and who his friends weren't. But I’m trying to make a point to the American people, the people in my audience, that -- the establishment comes out, Karl Rove had an op-ed today in the Wall Street Journal, I guess he had another ready in case he lost, telling us lessons we can learn. The lesson is this, this guy never ran for public office before. They didn't want him, they did everything they could to stop him in the primary and then trashed the hell out of him when the polls showed him to be a few points behind.

The point is this. If we don't get new Republican leadership in Washington, clean out these consultants, clean out these Republican institutions and put in some fresh people, new people, solid people who are really concerned about the country and really concerned about winning, this is the sort of sleazy crap that will go on.

CAVUTO: I agree with that, it was a very powerful show. And I’m listening and thinking, I hear his rage, but the end result is what Mark Levin wants, what conservatives want. Now, how do you answer that? You got what you wanted. So you can argue over the details of what was happening ahead of the fact, but the end result is what you waned.

LEVIN: I would say this. I don’t know Mr. Jolly. I know what he said in his campaign. The end result is a victory over a very well-known liberal Democrat. The end result of what I want is the truth. Other than your show right now, other than my show on the radio, nobody explained what actually happened in this congressional race. It was assumed that everybody got behind this guy, the Republican establishment got behind this guy. He won because of Obamacare. This guy --

CAVUTO: You were methodical -- I don't want to keep jumping on you -- actually surgical the way you went through there is and I had no idea. So I appreciate that. Here’s what I what ask you now. November, this presumably set the stage for that, and Republican confidence they can build a majority in the House. Use Obamacare to take the Senate. You say what?

LEVIN: Do it, but do more than that. We have $100 trillion unfunded liability. $117 trillion fiscal operating debt. Can we speak about that? I think we have a porous border where -- we also have a situation within our country where visas were being overstayed and they're not following up. There are a lot of things we should talk about that are winning issues. Obamacare, yes. But these other issues also.

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