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GOP Rep. Renee Ellmers Calls Laura Ingraham "Ignorant" For Opposing Immigration Reform

LAURA INGRAHAM: Why are the Republicans giving the Democrats cover on this? Is it because of the Chamber of Commerce?

REP. RENEE ELLMERS (R-NC): Laura we are not going to be passing legislation this year. This is too big of an issue. We are the party of big ideas. Why are you being so small minded on this?

INGRAHAM:You sound like the party of big business because the little guy is getting crushed by the open borders people.

ELLMERS: Your position on this is supporting de-facto amnesty.

INGRAHAM: Another Chuck Schumer line. You realize La Raza wrote that line?

ELLMERS: No. Renee Ellmers speaks for herself […] that is my line ma’am, that is not anyone else's.

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