Chris Matthews: "I Think The Senate Goes"


CHRIS MATTHEWS: I looked, Joe, at the "Wall Street Journal," the dichotomy between Democrats and Republicans that came out yesterday and I thought it was powerful. I thought the Democrats are kind of a soft mood. They want to negotiate and make deals across the aisle and fix Obamacare.

On the Republican side it's much harder and want to get rid of Obamacare plain and simple and don't want to negotiate so much. They are in a hard and fast position. You see passion on one side and hard positioning on one side. The other side, unsure of itself.

You know who is going to vote? The ones that are sure of themselves. They want to get back to Christian values and the elements of their beliefs, which is kind of a base voting pattern. Chuck said this the other day and I thought it was pretty smart. If you're a Democrat and you want to hold on to something of what you have, you have to change the question from how do you feel, which is lousy, and we're in the blues.

Republicans are very good at continuing that mood in the country. But you've got to change it to what side are you on, and you got to change it to a very deafing loud appreciation with the Republican site. If they are going after entitlements, you tell Republicans to go after Medicare and Social Security. If they put on their platform or say they are against abortion, you say they are coming after abortion rights.

You have to put a very strong bold picture with Republicans would like to do, and say that's what they are going to do. You got to get very tough and that way you can probably have a chance of not taking a big loss in the House but even then, given the turnout you talk about being low this time, it's going to be very hard to hold the Senate.

I think the Senate goes. We heard from the Ghost of Christmas Future this week. which is they are going to lose the Senate so they better change the name of this game and Steve Israeli is gotta to do it and Michael Bennett will do it on the Senate side and change the game. What side are you on and expect the worst from the Republicans.

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