Carney "Offended" That Ed Henry Would Ask If WH's Focus On Women Is Political


ED HENRY, FOX NEWS: Jay, this focus today, women and the economy, minimum wage, overtime pay increases, all important policy areas as was discussed at the top, but will you also acknowledge these are also issues that test pretty well in an election year and that are a lot better to focus on than, say, the health care numbers?

JAY CARNEY: Are you saying we should have done this in 2012 because our margin with women wasn't big enough?

HENRY: The margins were pretty strong and that might help you again in the midterms.

CARNEY: These are the right things to do for the economy. No, Ed.

HENRY: It has nothing to do with the midterms?

CARNEY: You know what? I think every woman in here ought to be offended by it. I'm offended by it on behalf of my wife and my daughter. It's crazy.

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