Sarah Palin On a 2016 Run: "I'll Never Say Never"


GRETA VAN SUSTEREN: Do you have a favorite candidate for 2016?

SARAH PALIN: No, not yet.

VAN SUSTEREN: Nothing? Who is sort of your -- who is at the top of your list? Are you considering running?

PALIN: Who is at the top of my list.

VAN SUSTEREN: Let me back up to my other question.

PALIN: No, question at a time. I appreciate those who have fought for America, like Ted Cruz, like Rand Paul. You know though, it doesn't have to be someone who has a title today, someone in office today. In fact, some would say we need to stay clear of those who have followed a conventional political path. Maybe they are part of the problem. There are businessmen and women out there. There are strong family men and women who understand what it is that makes America exceptional and they want to protect that. They want to get back to that. Maybe someone like that will rise and be the candidate in 2016. Maybe that's what we need.

VAN SUSTEREN: Okay now I get to ask that question. Are you considering -- is it still within a possibility that you'll run in 2016?

PALIN: It sounds cliche, but you never say never. Now, I -- at this point in time, I don't have a team of people, you know, getting out there doing these poll-tested whatever they do to let you know if you should run or not. I don't have any of that kind of organization going. I'll never say never.

It depends on what it is that Americans really, really want in a candidate. If they want a fighter, if they want someone who can so respect our exceptionalism, everything that makes America great, the promise of America. And if we don't find that, then I would run. But I do think that there are so many Americans who feel like I feel, and they're capable. They're willing and able to serve. Public servants. They are willing and able to serve and to lead this country so it doesn't have to be me.

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