Ralph Peters: "Putin Is Not Crazy Or Delusional; Our President And This Administration Are Delusional"


LT. COL. RALPH PETERS: Putin establishes facts on the ground. Look, the vote in the Crimean parliament today, begging to be allowed to join Russia -- it's a done deal. The plebiscite coming up in less than two weeks is a done deal. Crimea now belongs to Russia. As I've said on FOX before, the only remaining question is how much more of Ukraine Putin will take and when he will take it.

But the weakness, the lack of unity between the EU and the United States -- the greed, the financial cowardice -- is absolutely stunning, and Putin isn't going to stop, and he's going to do worse.

This administration lives in a dream world that negotiations solve everything. This administration, look, they still indulge in this fantasy that you can talk Putin out of Crimea. It is absolutely insane. Putin is not crazy, he's not delusional; our president and this administration are delusional.

ALISYN CAMEROTA: But it sounds like, Ralph, what you're saying is that it would take a military build-up of the kind that you just explained in order to get his attention. That's not something the U.S. is prepared to do.

PETERS: Well, look at the START treaty. There's no cost. It doesn't have to increase our defense budget significantly or anything else. But Obama wants that as part of his legacy even though the U.S. gave up valuable dual-use systems. The Russians gave up junk. Stationing forces, offering to station forces in the Baltic and Poland doesn't have to be extremely costly, and the EU could pony up for that. It doesn't have to take a huge Reagan-era military build-up, although, by God, Reagan's build-up certainly worked against the Soviets and brought them to economic collapse. There are innovative solutions and answers, but you have to be brave, you have to have courage, you have to have vision. You can't pretend that negotiations will solve all the problems when your enemy -- and Putin is our enemy -- solves them with military force, establishes facts on the ground you cannot change with blather and visa restrictions. This is shameful.

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