George Will: Democrats Should Control At Least One House Of Congress Under A GOP President


GEORGE WILL: Another sign that the American people aren't stupid is they've more often than not produced divided government. Imagine today if Republicans didn't control the gavels in one of the houses of Congress. Nothing would be done about the IRS.

Now, the IRS is the most intrusive and potentially punitive institution of the federal government. It has been turned into an appendage of the ruling party, and we would be able to do nothing about this if there weren't Republican chairman in the House.

If the Republicans should win the White House in 2016, there will be a real case to be made that good conservatives should want one of the houses of Congress to be in the control of the other party for precisely the reason Tom [Coburn] is talking about. If you think Republicans aren't capable of abusing power, you should have been here when he and I got here in 1970. (CPAC Panel: Does the U.S. Congress Matter Anymore?)

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