Chris Matthews: Ted Cruz Like A Caged Animal In The Zoo


CHRIS MATTHEWS: I have never seen a candidate for national office, certainly not a presidential candidate, as angry as Ted Cruz. He's angry at the Democrats; angry at the Republicans; angry even at the human tendency to try to meet sometimes in the middle. To him, the goal is to head as far right as possible, stand there, then oppose anyone and everything to your left, then claim the right to rule because no one else in the country is as radical as you are.

Well this is the politics of the zoo where each animal gets to rule its own cage. It gets to roar or whine or snort or whatever, as loud as it wants. Ted Cruz doesn’t mind who owns the zoo, of course, he wants it own his own cage. He wants to be the only one who is all alone in the farthest right position of the Republican party. So far alone, so far extreme, that no one else appears in the same picture for the simple reason that no one else, not Marco Rubio, not Rand Paul, okay, maybe Bobby Jindal, is desperate enough, or wild enough, or nuts enough to want to be in the same cage with this character.

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