Krauthammer: "Delusional" For Obama Admin To Think Putin Has "Blinked" On Ukraine


CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: This is astonishing. On the one hand they’re unable to -- our people, our leaders -- to muster anything that the Europeans will join that will hurt Putin. And on the other hand, you’re telling us that they are thinking that Putin thinks he made a mistake, did make a mistake and is looking for an off-ramp. And our real job is not to slap on sanctions or to push him out of Crimea, but to allow him some kind of diplomatic exit that will save face.

It's in tandem with what he said about it being a sign of weakness on the part of the Russians.

BRET BAIER: But are they interpreting his news conference as some kind of blink, as something like saying, I didn't send forces, and he's sending the signal that he's stepping back?

KRAUTHAMMER: That's not a blink; that's a KGB agent lying through his teeth, which is what they train to do for all of their lives. I mean, when Hitler went into Sudetenland, he claimed it was in response to a desire on the part of the population. This is what all dictators do. The idea that somehow it's a blink because he's waiting to see if he wants to take the rest of Ukraine, and that's a sign of weakness, I think is delusional.

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