Chris Matthews: There's Something About Ted Cruz That Is Bad For The Country


CHRIS MATTHEWS: Well, that's what I want to get to. We'll get to the issue of social justice in a minute, but the personality of [Ted] Cruz always amazes me. I can see the appeal of a Rand Paul. He's kind of a libertarian. I don't think he's a hater, he just wants total and utter freedom because he read The Fountainhead four-thousand times, and probably Atlas Shrugged a million times.

But he believes in it. Fine. Barry Goldwater was like that, he wasn't an evil guy. But Cruz looks like a guy that's out to get people. He votes against every nominee. He attacks Chuck Hagel, whose out defending our country there, as some sort of guy who is selling us out to the North Koreans.

He makes these personal attacks on people's patriotism. There's something about him I really don't think is good for the country. He even looks and acts like Joe McCarthy. Why do people in Texas think he's the second coming of what? Joe McCarthy? Why do they like him?

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