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Mark Levin: Everything Obama Touches "Turns To Crap"

MARK LEVIN: [Sarah Palin] warned that our response to Russia invading Georgia was so tepid and that Obama’s comments were so tepid that it would encourage Russia in the future to, perhaps, invade Ukraine. They’ve always wanted complete control of the Black Sea, that’s where their navy is. The Ukraine is a sovereign nation. And look what’s happened. 

You’ve got, with all due respect, you’ve got a former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton who is really incompetent, she has no background in this, you’ve got “mashed potato face,” he’s in there as Secretary of State, he doesn’t know what he’s doing. You’ve got the President of the United States, who really is just, I can’t think of anything that he touches that doesn’t turn to crap. And you’ve got one of the dumbest people ever to step inside the Beltway as Secretary of Defense.

Putin’s an old KGB thug. He’s running circles around these guys. It’s infuriating, if you love your country, to watch this happening to us internationally. And what is Obama going to do this week? He’s going to bring in Netanyahu and beat up on him and tell him you gotta cut a deal, or we may not be able to defend Israel. Everything this guy touches, domestic or foreign, I’m serious here, turns to crap.

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