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Krauthammer: "Ukraine Was Part Of The Soviet Union, Putin Wants It Back"

CHALRES KRAUTHAMMER: If you're Vladimir Putin, the dictator of Russia, you never left the Cold War. Remember who the guy is... He was a KGB agent in East Germany of all places in the Soviet days. He has destroyed completely the democracy he inherited. It is now a dictatorship. He's got stability like the Czars had stability. And he hs said publicly that the greatest calamity in the 20th Century was the collapse of the Soviet Union. And he wants it back. And Ukraine is part of that empire. And that, I think, is why we've had all this sabre-rattling. It is amusing that the head of NATO today said that the mobilization of the army that Putin has ordered on the borders of Ukraine has nothing to do with Ukraine. I mean, who are we kidding here? Ukraine was a part of the Soviet Union. Putin wants it back.

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