February 28, 2014 Archives

February 28, 2014 Archives

Planned Parenthood President: When Life Begins Not "Relevant" to Conversation

Asked when she personally believes life begins on "America with Jorge Ramos," Cecile Richards, the president of Planned Parenthood answered, "It is not something that I feel is really part of this conversation.”

Obama: "There Will Be Costs" For Russian Intervention In Ukraine

PRESIDENT OBAMA: Over the last several days, the United States has been responding to events as they unfold in Ukraine. Throughout this crisis, we have been very clear about one fundamental principle: The Ukrainian people deserve the opportunity to determine their own future. Together with our European allies, we have urged an end to the violence a

O'Reilly To Valerie Jarrett: Get "Gangsta Rappers" To Act As Positive Role Models

BILL O'REILLY: You are going to have to get people like Jay-Z, all right, Kanye West, all of these gangsta rappers to knock it off. That’s number one. Knock it off.

Krauthammer: "Ukraine Was Part Of The Soviet Union, Putin Wants It Back"

CHALRES KRAUTHAMMER: If you're Vladimir Putin, the dictator of Russia, you never left the Cold War. Remember who the guy is... He was a KGB agent in East Germany of all places in the Soviet days. He has destroyed completely the democracy he inherited. It is now a dictatorship. He's got stability like the Czars had stability. And he hs said publicly

"Special Report" Panel: After Five Years, What Has The Tea Party Accomplished?

Juan Williams, Charles Krauthammer, and Andrew Napolitano join Bret Baier to discuss the effect the "Tea Party" has had on American politics after five years.

Hagel Urges Russia To Act Cautiously On Ukraine

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel is urging Russia not to take any action on Ukraine that could be "misinterpreted." Hagel is concerned that Russia could act in a way that would "lead to miscalculation" during this "delicate time."

Chris Matthews Predicts 2016: Clinton Beats Paul By Less Than Five Points

Chris Matthews shares his thoughts on 2016 presidential politics as he sees it today: clear candidates on both sides of the aisle.

Krauthammer: GOP Has Been "Relatively Successful" At Integrating Tea Party

Chalres Krauthammer shares his view on the Tea Party's effect on the Republican Party. 

President Obama & Vice President Biden Show Us "How They Move"

President Obama & Vice President Biden took up the First Lady's "Let's Move" challenge.

Trey Gowdy: IRS's Lois Lerner Will "Never" Get Immunity

REP. TREY GOWDY: What is more likely to happen, I think, is her attorney is going to do what he should have done months ago, which is write out for us what she would testify to, it's not going to be used against her, but it's not immunity. We're never giving her immunity, and when you ask for it, it comes across as someone who hasn't been

O'Donnell: Inside The "Trauma Team" That Saved Obamacare

Lawrence O’Donnell talks to Steven Brill about the team of engineers who fixed the healthcare website.

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