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Mike Allen: Joe Biden Taking "A Shot At Hillary Clinton" For 2016

MIKE ALLEN: [Biden] thinks he is "the most qualified" for '16, a shot at Hillary Clinton there. He says he's seen her up close and believes he can go toe-to-toe with her. Will he? The vice president's plan is travel around the country as much as he can, helping out candidates running in the midterm. Talking about infrastructure around the country. The one thing he's not going to do, he's not going to set up a "Leadership PAC" to give money to other candidates, he thinks it'd be too late to make a difference. And at the very end [of his article in today's Politico], Glenn Thursh asks the vice president what his case would be, if he ran for president. And funnily enough, Joe Biden had an answer ready: He said because of his record, his experience, and his relationships with individual foreign leaders and domestic leaders -- that's why he's telling friends he is "the most qualified."

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